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DIMAC Galaxy


Maximum reliability, maximum flexibility for every kind of product, maximum operational efficiency, maximum technology: we wanted to take you, the customer, to the max so we created GAL@XY, the new frontier for Dimac high speed shrink wrapping machines.

Specified in every detail to be fully adaptable to your needs, it combines the best traditional design with the most advanced innovation to reach the highest production targets. GAL@XY is able to pack all kind of products with neutral or pre-printed shrink fi lm only, pad and fi lm, tray and film.

Electronic Continuous Separation System
Continuous separation system driven by servomotors to allow products separation through a double couple of teeth with introduction between products from below.

Field Bus
This is based on I/O modules connected via Ethernet to allow faster data transmission and easy cabling. The whole machine is automatically and constantly monitored through Led for any operational problems.

Film control and cutting group - fully accessible
This group is fully controlled by servomotors and cradle mounted to allow removal of the complete assembly from the machine frame for quick and easy inspection and maintenance.

Tunnel and temperature control system
PC integrated tunnel control system (PID) allows the temperature settings to be uniquely configured for the required pack format. High insulation around the tunnel minimises energy losses and the side panels are demountable for easy maintenance. Internal air fl ow can be adjusted from outside the machine to give perfect shrinking for various pack formats.

Operator panel (Open PC-based automation)
The machine is controlled via a personal computer. Operator panel system Microsoft XPTM. 15” colour monitor with touch screen installed on a moving arm which has been designed to provide maximum comfort and immediate visibility of every machine part. The operator friendly system with static and dynamic icons allow the operator to enter quickly and easily during production, maintenance and problem solving. Operator panel Utilities include the operation and maintenance manuals, spare parts and integrated electrical diagrams – all available “On Line”. Multimedia systems for problem solving and the possibility to send an e-mail from the operator panel to Dimac Service to ask for information and assistance. Machine automatic check-up. Faster and accurate diagnostics with the option to download statistics and data onto floppy disk or CD Rom in Excel through USB port.

Self calculation of the size changes through operator panel
It is possible to modify or insert new size changes by keying in the basic data through the operator panel. The system automatically calculates the parameters for the new size change and provides all necessary information for the machine settings and adjustments.

Assistance via modem
The machine control via modem allows Dimac engineer to define the real problem just in time and make the right intervention directly from Dimac office.

Since joining the aetna group in 1987, dimac has become a leading manufacturing company, supplying machines to a wide and diverse range of industries, including; bottling, preserves, food, pet food, pharmaceutical, etc.,

This success has been achieved through continual investment in research and development, resulting in improvements in overall design and mechanical and electrical specifications. Also, by fully understanding and keeping abreast of the constant evolution within packaging, dimac are able to supply original and leading edge technical solutions, at all times. Along the way, it was essential that a detailed study of market dynamics together with an analysis of our own customersí requirements and observations were carried out to ensure that we continue to supply specific market needs.

We are therefore, able to provide tailor made project solutions, supplying versatile machines to customers, manufacturers and engineers, each of whom will have differing needs and aspirations. We offer a large and comprehensive range of machines inclusing: low, medium, high speed shrink wrapping machines, wrap-around case packers, tray packers, shrink wrappers with film only for pre-conditioned products, combined lines: wrap-around case packer + shrink wrapper.


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