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Volpak - Horizontal Pouch Machines (SP Series)

This new family enables VOLPAK to meet the needs of that segment of the
market where uncomplicated mechanisms and low maintenance costs are
greatly appreciated when an investment has to be made.


SP-70 Characteristics
The model SP-70 has been designed to reach outputs up to 360 pouches per minute. Therefore all the mechanisms have been designed to work in triplex or quadruplex, that is producing 3 or 4 pouches per machine cycle. This model reaches high output levels without limiting the advantages offered by the horizontal packaging machines as compared to other types of machines, such
as flexibility, dose precision, air-tightness and sealing guarantee, and the quality of the finished pouch.

SP-70 Applications
This is the ideal machine for the pharmaceutical industry, but, because of its great flexibility, it is very successful when used with single dose products such as instant soups, powder beverages, broth, sauces, lollipops, etc.

SP-70 Dosage
To ensure high output levels Volpak has developed a range of auger fillers with brushless motors that ensure an extremely high precision in the required dose. We also have triplex or quadruplex dosing devices for liquids or pastes.


Volpak, a member, since 1996, of the multinational Italian group Coesia, is one of the companies
manufacturer of the packaging machines with greatest international share. It already operates in 95 countries over the five continents with technical assistance centres strategically placed worldwide.

It boasts the most specialized range of packaging machines for horizontal pouches which can pack a great variety of products, such as granules, powder, liquid, paste, towelettes in pouches with 3 or 4 sealings, pouches with bottom, stand up pouches, specially shaped pouches, with easy opening systems such as zippers, caps, straws, degassing valves, etc., with outputs up to 400 pouches per minute. Volpak's long experience and deep knowledge in packing and packaging, together with a wide line of vertical and horizontal packaging machines, case packers and cartoning machines and the guarantee offered by its specialized technical service, constitute
Volpak the ideal company to rely on for complete turnkey packaging projects.

Thanks to our professional technicians trained in the production plants and placed strategically over the five continents, Volpak's after-sales service can be present in any part of the world within a record time.

This catalogue presents the SP series, a new family of horizontal packaging machines determining the beginning of a new stage of machines equipped with very advanced technology and precision mechanisms, which ensure the highest efficiency and performance levels.

The SP series has been designed in such a way that all its interior kinematics is isolated. herefore those mechanisms used to open, fill and stretch the pouch can be cleaned with water.

This fact along with its easy operation, low maintenance requirements and absence of corners, make this the ideal machine for the food, pharmaceutical, chemical and cosmetic industries.

In addition, most mechanisms have been designed as modules, so that even the final settings of the machine can be performed in the customer's premises, covering all machines, from the simplest one to that with greater equipment.

Because of this modularity, with the SP series Volpak offers a wide range of horizontal packaging machines, from SP-70 to SP-260, each one optimised for very specific applications, with the guarantee of common mechanisms which have been tested in all working conditions.

SP-150 Characteristics
Horizontal form fill and seal machines for small and medium sized pouches with the capability to produce up to 200 pouches per minute of the flat type. Standard stand up pouches are also available for any type of product.

SP-150 Applications
This machine is mostly used to pack powdered drinks, spices, instant soups, shampoo, oils, salad dressings, mayonnaise, fruit juices, etc.

SP-150 Dosage
It has three filling stations enabling splitting the filling dose to gain production, or to fill different components into a pouch.


SP-170 Characteristics
Its extreme versatility offers the capability to make from flat pouches in duplex to 1 litre stand up pouches with zipper closing, pouring caps, straws and even
combinations of both.

SP-170 Applications
This is the ideal machine to pack sauces, grated cheese with controlled atmosphere,chocolates, sweets, juice and dehydrated ready cooked dishes with more than one component.

SP-170 Dosage
It has three dosing stations that can dose more than 7 different products into the pouch, combining volumetric dosing machines, auger fillers, vibrating channels, wheighers, etc.


SP-220 Characteristics
The open design and easy access to all the mechanisms make the SP- 220, as well as the other machines in the SP series, the ideal equipment for those customers who look for easy handling and low maintenance cost.

SP-220 Applications
This is the machine developed mainly to meet the requirements of the beverage industry, such as fruit juice, isotonic beverages, where Volpak is the undisputed leader. The SP-220 can make stand up pouches with straw, with front or side caps, or even caps centred in the upper sealing, with outputs up to 140 pouches per minute. The SP-220 can also make pouches in different shapes tailored to the customer's preferences.

SP-220 Dosage
It has 3 dosing stations so that it can mount different dosing devices for pouches filled with several components or else to share the dosage and thus obtain the highest output of the machine.


SP-260 Characteristics
This is the most advanced machine in the SP series. It has automatic correcting systems such as, for example, the sealing jaws. Its automatic functions, the wide range of formats, its flexibility and simplicity, make the SP-260 the most appreciated machine on the market.

SP-260 Applications
Its extreme accessibility, its clean, free from dead corners design make the SP-260 the most successful machine for foodstuffs such as grated cheese, sauce, mayonnaise and also for food for pets, shampoo, softeners, etc.

SP-260 Dosage
The filling area is open and has no mechanisms that might damage the products being dosed. It can mount any type of filling device from those for powder or granules, through to those for liquids and pastes.



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