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The Future is Here: Robotic Palletizing

Packing and palletizing product requires a consistent and efficient process. Typically, cases travel along conveyor for hand-stacking on a pallet to ship to consumers. With this operation comes unavoidable risks to safety and concerns for consistency. What if those...

IPM: Your Single Source Solution

Whether it be the need of a robotic palletizer or USDA style conveyor, IPM is your 'single source solution.' IPM is a manufacturer AND a full systems integrator. What does 'systems integrator' mean? It means IPM integrates multiple machine centers, manufactured by IPM...

IPM Safety Spotlight: PPE

PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) is specialized clothing or equipment worn by workers for protection against health and safety hazards. IPM takes PPE very seriously, both in-shop and on a job site.

IPM’s Innovative Pallet Conveyor

Pallet Conveyor: Simple, right? It moves empty or loaded pallets from place to place. It is common in many manufacturing and distribution facilities. It can be roller or chain. Powered or gravity.Straight, curved or turntable.