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Robotic Case Packing Solutions. Providing accuracy, speed and flexibility.

Our case packing equipment maintains constant contact with your products for true “positive” placement and control that is superior to traditional drop packing. Each system can be customized to meet your individual case packing needs with unique end of arm tooling designed and built specifically for your products.

VERSAPAK A SERIES packing machine


High-Speed, Pick and Place Packing

• Servo control for every motion
• Small footprint with flexible design
• Five-minute tool-less changeovers
• Patented Motion Path Technology
• Multiple infeed systems

VERSAPAK G SERIES packing machine


Pick & Place Packing Offers Superior Product Control Over Drop Packing

• High speed, heavy payload, and robotic precision
• Provides dual servo, high-speed indexing, and adjustable flight spacing
• VersaPak and VersaTrak System provides ultimate flexibility

VERSAPAK HV SERIES packing machine


Pick & Place Packing Works Horizontally or Vertically

• Servo control for product handling at high speeds
• Tilted magazine bottom for stability
• Simple Vertical – Horizontal change-over
• VersaTrak system helps eliminate downtime

Professional systems integrators will oversee all facets of your complete packaging line: from design, integration, ordering, scheduling, manufacturing, installation, commissioning and training.