A simmering sense of passion for the community and an electric connection to core values drives IPM as it grows as a company. With growth comes responsibility, and IPM accepts that whole-heartedly. IPM is proudly funneling is passions to support The Potter’s House, an inner-city Christian school.

The Potter’s House has provided a Christ-centered education to children of all ethnic heritages and income levels since 1981. Their mission is to equip students to serve God and society to their fullest potential. The Potter’s House encourages students to reach their full potential by maintaining a healthy spiritual, physical, social, and emotional life. The school challenges its students and their families to grow in their personal relationship with God and promotes unity and reconciliation in the community. The Potter’s House supports children of very diverse ethnic backgrounds and cultivates a road to success.

IPM connects with the mission and vision of The Potter’s House. Last year, the school launched a Robotics Team, for which they won Rookie of the Year and ultimately had the privilege of going to the State competition, despite the language barrier existing between many of the team members. With its extensive experience in Robotic Palletizing, IPM invited the Robotics Team from The Potter’s House to visit the shop and explore how robotics apply to everyday life. There is certain wonder in the realization that many food industry plants utilize robotic palletizing to send product on its way to consumers This visit at IPM was an exceptional opportunity to expand the students’ perspectives and make an impact upon what they may pursue in the bright future.

IPM is proud supporter of The Potter’s House and their brilliant Robotic Team. The children of our community are the future, and IPM challenges you to make a difference.

Click here to learn more about The Potter’s House and find out how you can get involved!