Pallet Conveyor: Simple, right?

It moves empty or loaded pallets from place to place. It is common in many manufacturing and distribution facilities.

It can be roller or chain.
Powered or gravity.
Straight, curved or turntable.

You may never give it a second thought until it stops working or causes a back-up on your production line.

Maybe it is time to think about pallet conveyor in a different way….

As companies strive for improvements in operations for Food Safety requirements, the lowly pallet conveyor is getting more attention.  Simple details like painted mild steel construction, an industry standard for decades, are coming under fire as potential sources for contaminants in the manufacturing process.

The Solution: Stainless Steel Construction.

IPM has developed and released our stainless-steel version of our Pallet Conveyor Product Line to offer more than just corrosion resistance.  While a conveyor that doesn’t rust is great, a conveyor that does not create undesired debris from flaking paint or powder coatings is an added benefit.  Additionally, the durability of the stainless-steel material stands up to normal daily use in the industrial environment without looking worn and neglected. For customers that use pallet conveyor in a damp environment, or are using sanitization procedures, the stainless conveyor is a perfect solution.

So, the next time you need to choose a pallet conveyor for your facility, consider stainless-steel may have a lower total cost of ownership when you weigh the options compared to coated mild steel equipment.

If you do decide mild steel is right for you….  IPM makes that conveyor, too!!

Please consider IPM for all your conveyor application needs, whether it be for containers, cases, or pallets.

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