Integration Systems

Professional systems integrators will oversee all facets of your complete packaging line: from design, integration, ordering, scheduling...

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Conveyor Systems

Industry leaders in quality conveyor systems and design. IPM selects and maintains long term relationships with suppliers to reduce...

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Robotic Palletizing

Extremely versatile palletizing of medium to heavy payloads. IPM palletizing robots can handle up to four different case lines. Robots use intelligent...

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Pallet Conveyors

Pallet conveyors are systems designed to move and handle pallets as well as other heavy-duty loads along conveyor belts, chains, skate wheels, or rollers...

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Inspection Systems

Eliminate the possibilities of the wrong product in the wrong package. We use barcode readers including side view cameras, overhead cameras...

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Case Packing

Our case packing equipment maintains constant contact with your products for true “positive” placement and control that is superior...

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Project Management Packaging Equipment

Project Management

From concept to completion we focus on customer service and building long-term relationships, which is why we approach...
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Packaging Machinery Consulting

Engineering Consulting

Comprehensively understanding our customer’s operation is essential when it comes to devising a material handling solution...
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Packaging Plant Layout & Design

Plant Layout & Design

Our team of engineers will work closely with you to gather the necessary information about your business for a comprehensive...
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Packaging Machinery Installation


IPM delivers custom-built solutions that will make your workers more productive, have your business operating more...
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The IPM Method

We have developed a unique approach to the supply of packaging machinery, which brands us as more than a packaging equipment supplier; we have termed this "The IPM Method".

Central to our method is the baseline concern for the success of your project as measured by efficiency and corporate profitability, both yours and ours. It is paramount to us that, after each project is complete and the line is operating on a production basis, you will see why we state our vision as providing "Installations That Work".


Information Gathering


Efficiency & Profitability


Project Success