Integrated Packaging Machinery offers the highest quality packaging solutions to ensure your business reaches its goals with minimal downtime. We have over 20 years of experience in design/build, project management, engineering consulting and installation of packaging integration systems. Rely on our team to provide you with first-rate packaging machinery solutions that will keep your business operating efficiently.

Support Services For Your Packaging Line

Packaging Machinery Project Management

Project Management

At Integrated Packaging Machinery, we rely on personal interaction between ourselves and our customers to ensure that you are receiving the best product. We focus on building long-term relationships through quality customer service, which is why we approach each project with the mindset of exceeding your expectations.

We understand that in order to provide a high-quality product on time and within budget, the customer needs to be an integral part of the entire design and installation process. From start to finish, our team works to keep you informed about the progress of the project.

From designing the conveyor system, to the ordering of parts, all the way to manufacturing and assembly, you will be comfortable with the personal attention and continuous feedback that IPM provides throughout the duration of the project. Get in touch with our team today!

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Packaging Machinery Consulting

Engineering Consulting

Comprehensively understanding our customer’s operation is essential when it comes to devising a material handling solution that truly works. Therefore, it is important for one of our experienced engineer consultants to be involved throughout the entire process. Our engineers work closely with our customers to find the best solution for their business while working to stay within their desired budget.

The engineers at IPM factor in operational and organizational goals while also providing the customer with valuable insight throughout the entire design, build, and installation process.

Whether your business is manufacturing, distribution or simply storage, our experience with a wide range of companies gives us a distinct advantage in making the recommendations you need to maximize your efficiency.

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Packaging Machinery Plant Layout & Design

Plant Layout & Design

Whether your plant is processing small loads occasionally or large quantities regularly, profits can be gained or lost with poor processes or an inefficient conveyor design. Integrated Packing Machinery is a solution-based company that excels at conveyor system design and build services that add value to your business.

At IPM, we ensure the layout and design of your conveyor system will flow seamlessly between the plant, storage space, and loading system. Our system specialists will work closely with you to gather the necessary information about your manufacturing process in order to conceptualize and design the right layout for your facility.

Our design process includes selecting the right components, establishing the right structural design, putting together fabrication drawings, and implementing the design to the right specifications. If you have an integration need, contact our experts today.

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Packaging Machinery Installation


“Installations that Work” – that’s what IPM stands by! Our team of experienced installation specialists work hard to exceed customers’ training and safety standards by providing on-site installation services. The input services each engineer brings to each project is a result of their years of experience installing material handling systems.

Integrated Packaging Machinery works with your business to install custom-built packaging systems that will make your workers more productive, have your business operating more efficiently, and ultimately, making your bottom line more profitable.

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