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Example of Mild Steel vs. Stainless Steel Hybrid Pallet Conveyor after 5 Years 

Chain Driven Live Roller (CDLR) conveyor is a widely used, heavy-duty, robust style of conveyor. It is typically used for transportation of heavy pallet loads. Sprockets are attached to the roller tubes and short loops of roller chain transfer drive force from roller to roller. Available in stainless-steel and mild-steel.

Multi-Strand Chain (MSC) conveyor is a heavy-duty transportation conveyor that utilizes straight running roller chain to support the pallet load. The chain serves as the carrying surface for the load. The center positioned drive unit connects the strands of chains by means of a drive shaft and sprocket configuration and allows for reversible drive operation. Chain conveyor can be two or three lanes to support various types of pallets.

Right Angle Transfer Unit is designed to fit within a line of conveyor. A series of short chain conveyor lanes raise up between the rollers and lift the load above the surface of the main conveyor. In the raised position, the chain conveyor moves the unit load off at a right angle. Specifications and features of construction for CDLR and MSC products are combined into the transfer unit. Lifting operation of the transfer is a linear motion that translates to vertical motion with the use of air or hydraulics. (Electrically actuated as an option).

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